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Prime Yield at the Press – CincoDías

Prime Yield’s research “Keep an Eye on the NPL & REO Markets – Portugal, Spain, Greece & Brazil” anticipates that the sale of NPL portfolios in Spain will reach €10bn in 2023, a fall of 9% facing 2022 and far from a market that has already transacted over €20bn annually (2019). This is one of the insights highlighted in the …

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Estudo: Portugal mantém segundo maior rácio de NPL na Europa do Sul

Num contexto macroeconómico desafiante, marcado pela subida das taxas de juro, da inflação em alta e da continuada incerteza em torno da guerra travada pela Rússia na Ucrânia, a venda de carteiras de crédito malparado (Non-Performing Loans, NPL, na sigla inglesa) em Portugal não deverá ir além dos €1.700 milhões de volume transacionado em 2023, conclui a Prime Yield na …

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Prime Yield at the press – NPL and Real Estate in Southern Europe: New Winds?

Nelson Rêgo, Managing Director of Prime Yield, signs the opinion article for Diário Imobiliário about the current moment of the NPL market in Southern Europe, also reflecting on how this situation will impact the granting of credit and the prices of residential real estate. Read the article here

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Prime Yield presents “Investment Guide for SOCIMIs and SIGIs 2023”

Prime Yield, part of Gloval, released the 2023 edition of the “Investment Guide for SOCIMIs and SIGIs”, in which analyses the performance of the Portuguese and Spanish real estate markets in 2022. The document, in its third edition, is developed in association with DLA Piper, and provides, in addition to market perspectives and the economic environment, a legal framework for …

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Prime Yield at the Press – Interview to Negocios Television

Nelson Rêgo, Managing Director of Prime Yield, was interviewed by Negocios Televisión, regarding Prime Yield’s annual research on the NPL market in Iberia, “Investing in NPL in Iberia 2021″. Do not miss the complete interview, where Nelson Rêgo presents the main conclusions of this report, focusing on Spain, where the NPL stock has increased this year to two-year highs. Watch …

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Prime Yield at the Press – “Sale of non-performing loans in Portugal triples to €3.5 billion in 2021”

Online newspaper Iberian Property echoed the conclusions of the new edition of the study by Prime Yield “INVESTING IN NPL IN IBERIA, with an article exploring the main findings of the document. The main note is that the sale of non-performing loans in Portugal has livened up again this year, after the block imposed by the pandemic. The sale of …

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NOVO ESTUDO: Venda de malparado em Portugal triplica para €3.500 milhões em 2021, mas ainda abaixo do pré-Covid

A Prime Yield lançou nova edição do estudo “Investing in NPL in Iberia”, onde analisa o desempenho do mercado transacional de Non-Performing Loans em Portugal e Espanha. No documento, conclui-se que, depois do travão a fundo imposto pela pandemia em 2020, a transação de portfólios de crédito malparado (na sigla inglesa, Non-Performing Loans, NPL) acelera em Portugal, estimando-se a conclusão …

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Prime Yield at the press: Feature interview in Essential Business, Apr/Jun 21

Prime Yield, part of Gloval, features the cover of the current edition of Essential Business! In an extensive interview, Nelson Rêgo, CEO of the company, explains how and when he founded Prime Yield, what the company’s ambitions are for the future and how he sees the future of the real estate market. There was also the opportunity to contribute with …

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Prime Yield presents “Investment Guide for SOCIMIs and SIGIs 2021”

Despite having started under the effect of a new general confinement, property investment in Portugal this year should exceed, albeit slightly, the volume investd in 2020, which was the third best result ever in the national market. The outlook was presented by Prime Yield, part of Gloval, during the webinar promoted by Gloval on May 5th, where the company released …

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Prime Yield at the press: “Spain is the 3rd EU country with the highest volume of NPL ” – elEconomista

The latest research by Prime Yield, part of Gloval, on the NPL market in Spain was highlighted by elEconomista in an extended article, included in the edition of March 19th 2021. In addition to accounting for the current stock of NPLs in Spain, Prime Yield’s report presents the transactional activity of this type of asset in 2020 and provides estimates …

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