On a regular basis, Prime Yields develops research papers containing information about how the most significant market segments are performing. This support area reinforces our research and data processing work, allowing a constant update on the market, so needed for all the other activities developed.

The Research Department reflects the always-present investment in innovation, having in its origin the partnership with property online portal Casa Sapo that aims to be ground-breaking in this area of issuing free data to the market reporting the performance of the sector. Data from both Prime Yield and Casa Sapo is crosschecked, enabling a completely updated database. This joint venture boosts a proactive attitude in terms of data sharing that, in turn, supports the development of the markets where we operate.

Additionally to these information sources, which support data disclosed in the research papers, Prime Yield is also prepared to carry on comprehensive fieldworks in order to collect data about the property market in the countries where the available information is still very scares.

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